Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sleep Wars

Bedtime is a battle with our son--every night.  If we're not arguing with him over the time at which he needs to sleep, we're fighting about the place.  You'd think the location would be an easy choice.

Son, you have a bedroom.  It's a room with a bed (for sleeping) in it, hence the name--bedroom.  Call me crazy, but I feel that having spent a good chunk of money on a brand-new, pillow-top twin mattress, he should sleep on it.  He sees it differently.

For some reason, the couch in our living room appeals to him more.  I understand it.  There have been many nights when I've been kicked out of the bedroom--thanks to my love of Taco Bell and Fire Sauce--and had to sleep on the couch.  We've had it almost five-years and like a good baseball glove, it gets better with age.

Having said that, it still doesn't compare to any bed I've ever slept on--and I've spent 3 nights at a Days Inn.  Nevertheless, he refuses (it's cute, he thinks he has a say) to sleep in his bed.  Looks comfy right?

Why I Can't Have A Drink.

It would be nice to enjoy an ice-cold glass (or in this case, a BPA-free cup) of tap water.  However, we keep the pepper grinder on the table where Libby can reach it.  At least the peppercorn masks the flouride flavor.

Here are some more reasons we can't have nice things.